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Personal Financial Coaching for Adults and Parents

A Book to Help Teens Learn About Money

Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years

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  • Are you too busy to educate your child about money and finances?
  • Do you want your child to learn to handle their own finances?
  • Do you want your child to understand how his choices today will affect him later in life?
  • Do you fear that your child will fall into the credit card trap?

Using this book, you can help your child learn how to handle a first paycheck, avoid identity theft, open a first bank account and make a first big purchase. Is your teenager ready to be in control of his/her finances?

Best Book For Teens

Whether you know it or not, your teenager is already making decisions about managing money. Does he spend all his gift money or allowance immediately? Does she save most of it for college or for her next big purchase? The decisions your teenager makes now are changing his/her future.

Many teenagers think they don’t have to worry about money until they graduate from High School. We would never send our children out into the world not knowing how to dress themselves or how to drive a car, yet many young adults leave home never having balanced a checking account, or managed bill payment. They learn as they go, often with disastrous results.

Jill Russo Foster wrote each chapter with you in mind. She wanted to make it easy for you to teach your child basic financial concepts and get them excited about planning for future purchases (instead of just spending money as they receive it). (See the table of contents.)

“You may be thinking, “Manage what money? All I have is my allowance!” It’s exactly for people like you that I’m writing this book. I’ll teach you how to manage your allowance. I’ll also teach you how to manage your money so you can make purchases, like an iPod or clothing, or pay for your education. Maybe you’ll come to realize that it would be a good idea to get a job, so you’ll have some more money. And then I’ll teach you how to manage that money, too.”

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Personal Finance

Jill Russo Foster

Cash, Credit, and Your Finances is written by Jill Russo Foster. Jill is a mortgage broker and a speaker who has spent her career educating people on scams and encouraging her audience to manage their money and live within their means. Read more about Jill Russo Foster. Invite Jill Russo Foster to speak at your event.

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